Beautiful Union

Beautiful Union

by Josuhua Ryan Butler


It's time to better understand God’s redemptive vision for humanity's greatest obsession. In this bold book, award-winning author Joshua Ryan Butler helps listeners rediscover the beauty of the traditional Christian theology of sex by framing it within the greater things it is designed to point to.

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Love for Beautiful Union from leading voices.

  • Kristin Knave - thumbnail

    Kristin Knave

    Creator - SheLovesBible

    “What a timely and much-needed book! Whether you are married or single, this is a must-read that will give you clarity on the meaning and purpose of sex.”

  • John Mark Comer - thumbnail

    John Mark Comer

    Author - Live No Lies

    “One of the books for our time. An essential read. It expertly captures the beauty of orthodox Christian sexuality in a way that is thoughtful, well researched, well written, and deeply compelling.”

  • Albert Tate - thumbnail

    Albert Tate

    Author - How We Love Matters

    “Josh Butler has done it again. He has a way of taking the things I’ve been trying to think through and giving words and clarity to those issues and concerns. Thank you, Josh—you just made my preaching and leading easier.”

  • Jen Pollock Michel - thumbnail

    Jen Pollock Michel

    Author - In Good Time

    “Beautiful Union by Joshua Ryan Butler is a marvel. Its simplicity is its profundity; its truth is its love. I finished these pages in tears, my imagination renewed and expanded to consider the pursuing, self-giving love God has shown to his people through Christ.”

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I love shifting paradigms, to help people who wrestle with tough topics of the Christian faith by confronting popular caricatures and replacing them with the real thing.