We did a 3-week podcast series on The Pursuing God! It’s not about our pursuit of God, as rather God’s pursuit of us. We dive deep into what that means.

-Episode 1: Do You Want to Be Found?
In this episode, we break down the big themes of the book, dive into some significant paradigm shifts, and ultimately meditate on the good news that our God is a God who pursues us. The question is not are we good enough, have we jumped high enough, or searched hard enough–the question is do we want to be found?

-Episode 2: Wrath, Divine Child Abuse, and Making Sense of the Crucifixion
This episode we look at the cross and seek to understand it and address some misconceptions surrounding it. We ask questions like is the crucifixion divine child abuse, how do we make sense of God’s wrath, and what does the atonement actually mean?

-Episode 3: The Pursuing God Makes Us a Pursuing People
This episode we look at how the pursuing God makes us a pursuing people. We dive into conversation about the church and what kind of church God is calling us to be. Lastly we have a conversation about what it means for the church being a place to receive, be refreshed, and filled up for the sake of the world.